Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Universal HealthCare, biggest blunder ever or good for the country?

Why would universal health care be good for this country? As one who works in a health care supporting role I can tell you that this should and will bring chaos to the health care community. So you are mad that your insurance carrier denied you a treatment for reasons unknown to you? How would you feel if that was the Government, the entity that is supposed to work for you in which you give 20, 30, maybe 40% of your paycheck to telling you that you won't be getting your operation? This may be just me but I would be extremely perturbed to think that the Govt will decide my fate or the fate of a loved one.

It would be very nice, in theory, to have all persons young old rich and poor to be able to get everything they need when it comes to health needs. There are only so many Doctors, so many appointments, and so many resources that a hospital or practice can dish out. Doctors, nurses and most all health care staff will be paid less for the same or more amount of work, which also means the quality of care will dip into some unknown level of mediocrity. Maybe this is acceptable to the left since it will be fulfilling their ideology but as for the rest of us we will be getting a serious downgrade on health care.

So maybe you have seen the "documentary" Michael Moore made called Sicko and think to yourself, "well Canada has such a good system going and everyone is so happy with their results". What Michael Moore and a lot of the left chooses to leave out is the long lines people are waiting in, the choices about care that is relegated to the govt now, and the unhappy physicians getting paid half as much as their American counterparts.

I am going to sum this up and not make it too lengthy, but in conclusion please reconsider your thinking on this issue and try to get through the sizzle and find the substance. Try not to act like a 16 year old girl when the car dealer shows you a bright red sports car. Underneath the gold plated wrapping that our president is finishing taping up for you something irreversible is brewing. This is not something you can get into and say "well I like the old system better, lets go back to it" no, this is permanent.

I for one had staph infection when I was 19, if I had to wait a few weeks or not get surgery at all because of back logged patients or a Washington health director looking at it on paper, I would be dead.

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What would be your response to N.Korea and Iran's nuclear power aspirations?

I remember a day when we the USA had a no tolerance mind set towards power hungry countries like N.Korea. Do you think we would have the same actions towards N.Korea if their country was relocated to say where Hawaii is? I guess the mind set of this new administration is too put the threat off until it becomes so real that we can't ignore it or maybe until Japan has a third radioactive wasteland smack in the heart of Tokyo.

N.Korea reminds me of the bully you take abuse from until you give them one straight right to the eye and it corrects their thinking. Pressuring China to get involved is that straight right to the eye.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why does our President appologize for our actions around the world?

For the first time in history we have a President with an Islamic background who sympathizes with some anti American views. Do you as a citizen of the greatest country ever conceived feel that we should apologize to other nations because we were fortunate enough to land on a country with such great natural resources and founding leaders?

No country has done more to help others in need. I dare any individual to come up with one country besides ours that has done half as much in world conflicts, genocides, famines, and education than we have. So why may I ask shall we perceive ourselves weak, forgo all who have sacrificed with their lives, bow down and kiss the feet of middle eastern oil tycoons at a half ass attempt to have hatred toward America come down a notch?

I for one am sicked at the actions of this new administration.

Stimulus 2009 and why you think it will Succeed/Fail

Why would such an influx of our money bring back the economy we had? The govt thinks it knows the solution to this problem when history has shown that the American people are the only solution. President Obama himself said "only the govt has the ability to get us out of this mess" and you need to let him spend as much of your money as he wants while he figures out this whole president position on a learners permit.

Japan has shown us what happens when you throw tax dollars into the economy with wreck less abandon. They are still trying to climb out of the hole they so deeply engraved themselves in. Why would the US be able to come up with any different result? So far all this economic instability has done for anyone is made it possible for Obama to dig his hands deeper and deeper into the private sector. Have we created or "saved" those 3.5 million jobs yet? I'm pretty sure since that statement was made we have lost that amount waiting for anything at all to happen with this brilliant plan.

Millions are losing jobs while the Pres and his fleet get new hybrids and we do the highly anticipated research into pig odor. Your father might have lost his lively hood but at least we have a train to the Las Vegas brothels.

What say you?

UPDATE! 7/21/09, The Stimulus has FAILED!