Friday, February 20, 2009

Stimulus 2009 and why you think it will Succeed/Fail

Why would such an influx of our money bring back the economy we had? The govt thinks it knows the solution to this problem when history has shown that the American people are the only solution. President Obama himself said "only the govt has the ability to get us out of this mess" and you need to let him spend as much of your money as he wants while he figures out this whole president position on a learners permit.

Japan has shown us what happens when you throw tax dollars into the economy with wreck less abandon. They are still trying to climb out of the hole they so deeply engraved themselves in. Why would the US be able to come up with any different result? So far all this economic instability has done for anyone is made it possible for Obama to dig his hands deeper and deeper into the private sector. Have we created or "saved" those 3.5 million jobs yet? I'm pretty sure since that statement was made we have lost that amount waiting for anything at all to happen with this brilliant plan.

Millions are losing jobs while the Pres and his fleet get new hybrids and we do the highly anticipated research into pig odor. Your father might have lost his lively hood but at least we have a train to the Las Vegas brothels.

What say you?

UPDATE! 7/21/09, The Stimulus has FAILED!


  1. The porkulus spending bill will only make things worse - much worse. It’s a step towards a new soviet America. Government spending plans simply do not work. They are based on the idea that feeding “new” money into the economy will create economic growth. But the money isn’t new — it’s either taxed or borrowed. It's essentially redistributed from one group of people to another, and no new money is created. The bill does not create very many jobs and does not provide enough tax relief for small business. It would seem that all of the heavy contributors to the campaign are now getting pay back - ACORN, Planned Parenthood, big unions and hundreds of other special interest groups are getting a piece of the pie – on the our dime of course.
    Obama said he would “end the practice of writing legislation behind close doors,” “expose special interest tax breaks to public scrutiny,” and to allow the American people at least 5 days to review legislation before he signs it. What the hell!?! This bill was written almost entirely behind closed doors, it provides massive amounts of funding to special interests groups and it was signed into law just hours after it passed the senate and the house - most of which wasn’t even read.
    I hope that I'm wrong, but from what I gather, we are headed for some really hard times, financially speaking. Just look at the market indicators over the last 2 weeks. Bigger government is not the answer, both Hoover and FDR attempted the same thing and it only made things worse - much worse.


  2. The bill was moderately skimmed over and Ben Stein said last night that he didn't know of one senator or representative that read it. We are going to see some affects of this soon but it will come full circle by 2014.

  3. The problem with creating these huge public works projects to stimulate the economy is that it only employs certain types of professions. Even if the intensions were noble, its not going to work. The majority of people these projects are going to employ are construction workers. But that isn't the only type of people who are out of work. In the 1930s the projects required tons of manual labor, the kind of stuff men back then knew how to do. Now days you aren't going to get an out of work marketing rep to do construction. Most guys in America don't know a wrench from they're ass. So I think if we do see any job gain at all, it will only be in a few sectors of the economy. Or the contractors will hire a bunch of illegals and our money will go to mexico.

  4. All I want to know is where is our tax cut we were promise did I miss that train