Friday, June 5, 2009

Universal HealthCare, biggest blunder ever or good for the country?

Why would universal health care be good for this country? As one who works in a health care supporting role I can tell you that this should and will bring chaos to the health care community. So you are mad that your insurance carrier denied you a treatment for reasons unknown to you? How would you feel if that was the Government, the entity that is supposed to work for you in which you give 20, 30, maybe 40% of your paycheck to telling you that you won't be getting your operation? This may be just me but I would be extremely perturbed to think that the Govt will decide my fate or the fate of a loved one.

It would be very nice, in theory, to have all persons young old rich and poor to be able to get everything they need when it comes to health needs. There are only so many Doctors, so many appointments, and so many resources that a hospital or practice can dish out. Doctors, nurses and most all health care staff will be paid less for the same or more amount of work, which also means the quality of care will dip into some unknown level of mediocrity. Maybe this is acceptable to the left since it will be fulfilling their ideology but as for the rest of us we will be getting a serious downgrade on health care.

So maybe you have seen the "documentary" Michael Moore made called Sicko and think to yourself, "well Canada has such a good system going and everyone is so happy with their results". What Michael Moore and a lot of the left chooses to leave out is the long lines people are waiting in, the choices about care that is relegated to the govt now, and the unhappy physicians getting paid half as much as their American counterparts.

I am going to sum this up and not make it too lengthy, but in conclusion please reconsider your thinking on this issue and try to get through the sizzle and find the substance. Try not to act like a 16 year old girl when the car dealer shows you a bright red sports car. Underneath the gold plated wrapping that our president is finishing taping up for you something irreversible is brewing. This is not something you can get into and say "well I like the old system better, lets go back to it" no, this is permanent.

I for one had staph infection when I was 19, if I had to wait a few weeks or not get surgery at all because of back logged patients or a Washington health director looking at it on paper, I would be dead.

Thanks and I am interested in feedback. Dustin, administrator

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  1. I say its a catastrophic mistake. Private institutions who are driven by competition in an open market will 100% of the time out perform the government. This is something they better get right, because they can't take it back. The only problem is that they are rushing this too. Obama wants it done by August. My question is: will I have the option to purchace my own insurance? I don't want to have to go to some clinica medica with a hundred other poor saps in front of me.